Introducing the Africa Initiative

No continent on earth has more translation projects underway—or more projects needed but yet to begin—than Africa.

Over 1,500 distinct people groups are still waiting to hear and read the full gospel in the language they can best comprehend—their heart language. And JAARS is serving our translation partners there with a single vision: to one day bring that number to zero.

Now, we’re launching our Africa Initiative to provide more agile, holistic, timely, and impactful solutions—for the glory of God and the good of his creation. We want those who partner with us in prayer and funding to see even more clearly the expanse of interconnected needs across this vast continent.

So what kind of needs does JAARS, with God’s blessing and your support, help solve?


With poor-to-nonexistent road infrastructure in countries like Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania, translation progress often depends upon safe, affordable transportation solutions like motorbikes, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and mission aviation service.

And in many of those places, the same pilots and aircraft that support mission efforts also make it possible for hospitals and clinics to serve the most remote people groups—sharing God’s love in the most real-time and practical ways possible.


Efficient translation now depends upon technologies like mobile laptops, remote power systems, and reliable Internet connectivity. Most of us take these for granted but they are in short supply in many parts of Africa.

The ability to work remotely among language communities—to save and back up work, to share and consult with others over work-in-progress—is the backbone of modern translation. And it requires constant support.


Just as elsewhere in the world, any solution put into place requires training those who will use it to ensure the safety and sustainability of their efforts.

JAARS training support stretches across a broad spectrum: preparing pilots and mechanics who will serve in Africa, training nationals and field staff who must drive and maintain land vehicles without local shops or mechanics, helping IT professionals tasked with building and delivering Internet access and network security, providing water-safety training to translation workers who often face dangerous and unpredictable maritime travel conditions.


Along with safety instruction embedded in the training areas above, JAARS enables the delivery of specific water safety tools and devices that protect the wearer, alert authorities, and provide locational beacons in the event of an accident.

IT staff working for African translation partners also require continuous training to help ensure the safety of networks and data that are critical to the translation mission.

As we go forward, our Africa Initiative will help us coordinate solutions for the greatest immediate and long-term impact. And it will help our translation partners there plan more confidently, based on the support we can commit to provide.

So we invite you to participate with us in the Africa Initiative. In particular, explore our ambitious new Africa Aviation Initiative. And we thank you in advance for however God leads you to respond.

“Thank you and God bless you. Be assured that you are investing in good soil that will bear fruit for the glory of God.”  —Eric Esse, Togolese IT specialist with SIL Togo-Benin