Internet Upgrades for Regional Centers


National Bible translators across Africa face significant challenges. Working without reliable Internet access doesn’t have to be one of them.

What's Going On

Many tools exist to help translators around the world streamline their work. They can consult with colleagues outside the country through email and file sharing. They can research and use specialized translation software. They can routinely back up their work, a necessary safeguard when computers can be stolen or confiscated. But in order to use these tools, people need access to the Internet. Across Africa, however, acquiring Internet access can be difficult and costly.

“It’s not like it is in the United States, where you can get large bandwidth for a relatively low cost,” said Bill Mayes, Africa IT services coordinator. “There, it’s the opposite, because the infrastructure hasn’t been built up yet. We want these regional centers to have the services they need, because when they don’t, it makes things really hard for them.”

What Can Be Done

By partnering with JAARS, you can help provide funding and equipment for more reliable Internet connections for regional centers across Africa—impacting hundreds of current and future translation programs. Funds from the project are primarily used to cover costs for satellite Internet for centers that have no other feasible solutions. The project also funds generator repairs, Internet service, upgrades, and occasional troubleshooting.

Who This Will Help

These funds will help African regional centers, including the team in the Central African Republic. The last two years have been extremely difficult for this team, and stress levels are high.

One of their fellow national translators was killed during civil unrest. Their foreign colleagues have been evacuated. And their country endures escalating violence and ongoing conflict.

But despite feelings of discouragement, they persevere, determined to finish translating the Bible into seven local languages. The language communities and churches they serve eagerly wait for the Scriptures in their heart languages.

Their work has never been harder—or more urgent. Reliable Internet access wil help make it possible.