Audio-Visual Production for Scripture Engagement


Many people in some regions of Asia don’t read—so they’re much more likely to study, understand, and share audio Scriptures.

Recording songs in their local language
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What's Going On

Our local partner in a region of Asia* has found that in most minority languages, less than half the people can readDaily lives are built around personal interactions, not written texts. They have little reason to pick up a printed Bible. For these communities, audio is the answer.

Since its dedication in 2014, a regional recording studio has been a hub of activity, serving the needs of more than 70 translation projects currently underway in the area. During the past year, local translation teams, with the assistance of three trained staff members, recorded ten New Testament books for two different local languages.

Other language teams recorded a variety of worship songs and Bible stories in more than ten local languages. For the first time, all these languages now have access to God’s Word in an audio format. The staff also conducted two song-writing workshops.

What Can Be Done

A busy schedule, planned for 2016, will continue to make good use of the studio’s professional facilities and its media staff. Projects may vary. An entire New Testament or a single book. The JESUS Film script dubbed in a local language. Worship songs. Bible stories. Even health information. As soon as materials are ready, local translation teams can head to the studio—without worrying about the huge cost of renting.
The staff will continue to provide training and mentoring to local translation teams. As materials become available, they will assist teams in recruiting talented speakers to record the materials. Encouraging local pastors to use audio and visual materials in local languages in their worship and teaching is an ongoing focus.
Your support will ensure that studio operating costs, including staff salaries, are met; that equipment— like audio Scripture players—is available to distribute recorded materials; that staff members can attend workshops to sharpen and upgrade their skills.

Who This Will Help

Millions of people—from big cities and rural villages, of all ages, professions, and spiritual backgrounds. Audio might be the only way they can experience God’s Word in their own language.

Churches use audio-visual materials, too. Many are springing up here. When their pastors and members have easily understood Scriptures, they no longer struggle to understand, deepen, and share their faith.

Take the “A”* people. About a year ago, several members of this people group attended an Ethnomusicology workshop to learn how to compose worship songs in their local language. Later they came down to the studio to record their songs. They have shared that these songs have brought great changes in their church worship life. One brother said, “The songs I composed are now part of my life. Through them I praise the real God and I have joy in praising him."

* For the success of this project, we can’t name the specific region of Asia or a specific people group.