Audio Scripture Players


Many people in oral language communities across the world won’t be able to read a printed New Testament. But they can listen to it with an audio Scripture player, such as the MegaVoice.

What's Going On

The need for audio Scriptures is clear in the eastern island provinces of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and in Vanuatu, a nearby Pacific island nation. In the oral communities of these regions, written communication isn't part of the traditional culture. Many young people may have learned to read and write, but most of the older generation and those who live far from schools haven’t. Additional challenges—poor eyesight or blindness—mean some may never have the opportunity to read. Translators know that offering recordings of audio translations along with printed Bibles will best enable them to reach entire communities for Christ.
In the eastern islands region of PNG recording efforts are now underway for Scriptures in seven languages (Lote, Mandara, Mangseng, Mengen, Ramoaaina, Tungag, and Sulka). As these recordings become available on audio Scripture players or SD cards provided by JAARS, people will be able to choose the form they are most comfortable with.
In Vanuatu distribution of Scripture players is well underway for the Lenakel, Paama, Southeast Ambrym, and Whitesands Scripture recordings.

What Can Be Done

Audio Scripture players like the Audibible and MegaVoice are uniquely designed for this purpose.
  • They’re built to last in harsh environments.
  • They’re solar-powered, costing nothing to run.
  • They provide easy navigation among Scripture portions.
  • They’re affordable at $35 each.
  • They have only one purpose: tirelessly declaring the Word of God.
Your gift of $35 will provide ten SD cards to a recording center or an audio Scripture player for someone who needs to hear the life-changing Word of God. Will you help us make sure that people in PNG and Vanuatu—and in other communities worldwide when their translations are completed—have access to God’s Word in a form they understand best.
As audio players and SD cards are distributed, we’ll post updates and photos here, so you can see exactly who and how you’ve helped.

Who This Will Help

This project will help people like those in a Vanuatu oral community who had struggled to read their Bibles. A translation team recently dramatized and recorded an audio version of Luke and distributed 50 audio Scripture players containing the recording. Groups of people of all ages were soon clustered excitedly around the players. In this community, people often haltingly read a few lines of Scripture in their printed Bibles, guessing what the words meant, and then quickly closed them. Now, they eagerly listened to the audio version, commenting, “I never knew that before. Now it’s so clear.”
Pastors on Tabar Island off the coast of New Ireland dedicating their new supply of audio Scripture players and SD cards.
Pastors are eager to help their congregations receive God’s Word in a form they can easily use. On Tabar Island off the coast of New Ireland, church leaders recently dedicated their new supply of audio Scripture players and SD cards. Soon many in their congregations will listen to God’s Word in their heart language.