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Thank you for praying! The three aircraft mechanics from JAARS going to reassemble the R66 helicopter arrived safely in Cameroon on Friday night. However, the R66 container is still in customs. There have been indications that it would be released by now but that still hasn’t happened as there’s one more document that needs to be signed.

Please continue praying for the release of the container so the teams from JAARS and SIL Cameroon Aviation can get to work on reassembling the R66. In the meantime, they’ll be working to prepare the old helicopter which was dissembled a few

  • Praise God for the safe arrival of the team from JAARS.
  • Pray for the customs process to keep moving so that the helicopter is released and ready for reassembly as soon as possible after the team arrives.
  • After release from customs,  the container will be transported by truck from the port in Douala to Yaoundé where it will be reassembled. Ask God for good driving conditions and a safe, expedient trip.
  • Pray for the work of Bible translation and the people of Cameroon whom this helicopter will serve.
It was one month ago today that pirates attacked and kidnapped six crew members from the container ship carrying the R66 helicopter for Cameroon. Praise the Lord that the crew were safely returned nearly three weeks later. 
And now the container with the helicopter is off the ship and in customs in Douala awaiting official importation.  Praise God! Though the process is expected to take one to two months, we’re praying for a month or less. The R44 helicopter now in service runs out of permission to fly this week, so there will be no helicopter...
The R66 at JAARS
Praise God for the arrival of the helicopter in port.
Pray for a quick release of the R66 from customs so it can be reassembled, test flown, and put into service early next year.
Ask God for wisdom for those making plans for when the maintenance and flight teams going from JAARS will leave for Cameroon as when they go is dependent on the machine’s release from customs.

The ship arrived offshore at Douala, Cameroon earlier in the week and has been anchored offshore waiting for its turn to dock. Praise God that this is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 16, just one day later than previously reported!

After docking, the R66 container must go through customs before it is shipped to Yaounde, where it will be reassembled. Please keep praying for the smooth delivery and importation of the aircraft. The timing of this impacts when the maintenance and flight teams going from JAARS will leave for Cameroon. Thank you for praying with us!