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Traversing roads like these requires a 4WD vehicle like this.
A recent trip to Taveta on the coast of Kenya was greatly facilitated by the availability of this new four-wheel-drive vehicle provided by JAARS.
Children of the Taveta village and a BTL team member
Taveta alphabet chart
With the help of a rugged and reliable vehicle, Bible Translation & Literacy (BTL) recently sent a team to see the Taveta people in Kenya’s coastal region, a 270 mile trip from Nairobi. This important meeting was productive and was possible in large part because of this four-wheel-drive vehicle.
Over the last year BTL increased its reach and now has 22 language programs. They also added a third assistant language programs manager to assist with some of the projects. With this new land transportation, BTL can travel more safely and efficiently over unreliable roads. Your prayers and donations...

Preparations are underway for the 2016 IT training workshop in Kenya, April 16-19. An exciting addition to the annual training event is the opportunity to attend a second IT conference called International Conference on Computing in Mission-Africa (ICCM-Africa), April 20-23. 

The combined conferences will bring together 60-plus IT workers from missions all across Africa.

  • Pray for the IT trainers who are putting together their workshop presentations.
  • Pray for Pastor Benedict Ongonge (SIL Southern African) as he provides overall leadership to the spiritual vitality component of the conference.
  • Pray that all conference participants will be strengthened in their IT and leadership skills and organization capabilities for reliable and sustainable IT programs.
Great news! Funds have been sent  to our Kenyan translation partner, BTL for the four-wheel-drive vehicle they need to support language projects in the country’s western region. Getting to remote areas where local translators live hinders the work. Roads in poor repair and long distances of up to 600 miles separate translation teams from the supervision and support they need. But having this new vehicle will make all the difference!
Gifts to L102 and Where Needed Most made this possible. Thank you!