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Website workshop in Kenya

Twelve participants in a nine-day workshop in Kenya worked on building websites that will make Scripture, literacy and community development information accessible to people in their language communities. Ask God to prepare the hearts of visitors to the new websites to read or hear his Word in the language they understand best.

What's Going On

A media organization that we’ve teamed with for several years now works with local people to create websites in their own language centered on Scripture.  The sites allow people to find, read, listen, and watch God’s Word—all in their own language. And viewers can—and do—share the content with friends.

“It is a high-tech world, and an overwhelming majority of people have access to the Internet via computers, netbooks, or smart phones,” says one of the organization’s leaders. That reality provides unprecedented opportunity for sharing God’s Word.

To date, our partner has rejoiced in seeing more...

Praise the Lord for two new Scripture websites launching today -- the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of the “95 Theses," sparking the Protestant Reformation. Luther was passionate for the truth of God's Word (sola Scriptura!), and God used the printing press to get His Word into the hands of the common people. Likewise website distribution is the next technological wave for getting the Gospel message into the hands and onto the phones of people who are separated from the truth of God's Word.
Our partner organization used their new "platform" for constructing websites that allows for distribution...
  • Praise God for technology that’s allowed website team members living in Germany, the UK, North Carolina, Florida, and Michigan to work together on this project.
  • Pray for God's blessing on these two new websites (one in Roman script and another in Ajami script), that God would use them for the distribution of resources for His glory!
  • Pray that God's Word would go out in power and would reach the hearts he intends it for.