Côte d’Ivoire

Côte d’Ivoire

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John Pepper, head of our land transportation department, is heading to Cote d’Ivoire, Africa to teach a motorbike safety and maintenance training course, February 16-20. Like courses we’ve held in Benin, Cameroon, and other countries, trainees learn safe riding skills and how to maintain motorbikes.

Your gifts provide motorbikes. Your gifts keep workers safe.

Thank you!

Pray for safe travel, quick recovery from jet lag, and an effective course.

Pray for John to have good recall of his French as he uses it to teach the course material.

Pray for clear communication and understanding.

Pray for the six trainees as they learn to safely ride and maintain their motorbikes.

Motorbike on a dirt road

What's Going On

Much of today’s Bible translation takes place in rural areas, where you’ll rarely see vehicles or paved roads. Getting around is rough: Just 100 miles can take days of waiting and hopping bush taxis. And to reach the most isolated areas, you have to walk or bike for miles.

Tough as it is, translation can’t happen without travel. One language might be spoken across hundreds of miles—and visiting the whole community is the best way to get input, test drafts, help churches, and start literacy classes.

What Can Be Done

Motorbikes turn days into hours. And our...