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The first week of an audio Scripture recording workshop in the Solomon Islands is going well. The class includes six Solomon Islanders, one from West Timor and a Wycliffe missionary doing Scripture-Use work in the Solomons. They're learning recording, file management, editing and getting lots of practice while working on recording the book of Jonah in Solomon Islands Pijin.


Connie Runia teaching course in Solomons

Connie Runia instructing the Solomon Islands recording team members.

Tomorrow afternoon the students are heading out, along with trainers Lauren and Connie Runia and...

Will you please pray:

  • For good health – it’s one of the highest risk areas for Dengue Fever (from mosquitoes) 
  • Safety on the sea (that the equipment stays dry and arrives safely)
  • Adequate sleep for the team while in the village 
  • For the equipment to work well and that the students will do a good job putting into practice what they’ve learned 
  • That the New Testament recording will be successfully completed
  • That the team will be a blessing to those we are working with on the island
Thank you for your part in helping make God's Word available to the Bughotu people.

In 2014, generous gifts to Where Needed Most supplied recording equipment and training for media specialists in the Solomon Islands. Oliver and Johnson trained during subsequent sessions using the equipment. Now working with another partner organization, they recently traveled to Auki to record the Baegu New Testament. Will you pray for their work on this project? 

Oliver and Johnson

Ask God to provide good readers and good health for all involved in the eight-week project.

Pray for the recording equipment to work well.

Pray for good communication between all participants and partners. 

“This is powerful! We need this in our language! Our people need to see this!”
What evoked such a response from the Kamano-Kafe* translation team? It was the DVD produced by a church in Papua New Guinea several years ago depicting the devastation of AIDS. The story focuses on one family in which the parents contract the disease through the husband’s unfaithfulness. The story goes on to show the tragic effects on the wife and children.
After obtaining permission to reproduce the 80-minute film in minority languages, media specialist Lauren Runia utilized new technology to pull...