Waxhaw, NC

Waxhaw, NC

Updates & Stories

The 16-week spring pre-field aviation orientation course starts this week. Attendees include seven pilots and mechanics who are planning to serve with AIM AIR in Kenya and with SIL-PNG.

  • Pray for staff focus on the core events of pre-field orientation, and for wisdom to how to best fully communicate that with the orientees.
  • Pray for the orientees and their families. Days are long, and the work is intense.
  • Praise God for the support that is provided by many at the JAARS Center. Housing, ICC, MK Station child care, food services, the JAARS clinic, human resources, facilities management, and many others work together to make the logisitics of pre-field orientation happen.

February 5-16, ten pilot/mechanics who serve in Waxhaw, Africa, and the Pacific with SIL and other aviation partners will attend the Supervisor Pilot course (SPC) at the JAARS Center. The course focuses on excellence in leadership, resource management, and other skills and attributes essential when supervising fellow pilots or serving as instructor pilots on the field. 

Besides this important training, the SPC allows these pilots, from different fields of service, to share advice and encouragement with each other on handling day-to-day operations overseas.

Your gift to Aviation Training helps equip pilots and mechanics for ongoing safe and effective ministry around...

  • Ask God for safe flights and good connections as participants travel to Waxhaw to attend the course.
  • Pray that participants will have a clear understanding of the material and be able to effectively implement what they learned when they return to their fields of service.
  • Ask God to provide clarity of focus for those presenting at the Supervisor Pilot course.
  • Pray for good health and stamina for both participants and presenters.
  • Pray for the participants' families back at home.
  • Pray for the communities and the people where aviation serves and supports the work of Bible translation and language development.

Twenty-seven new missionaries and their families are at JAARS to prepare for overseas service. For the next four weeks, they'll be participating in our Intercultural Communications Course (ICC) that begins today. Your prayers appreciated for:

  • Open hearts for participants
  • A rested staff ready to engage
  • God to work mightily in the lives of these people preparing to go to the far reaches of the globe