Waxhaw, NC

Waxhaw, NC

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Spring arrives early in North Carolina. And at the JAARS campus, March brings some great opportunities to explore how you can be a part of Scripture translation, while enjoying our lovely weather.
JAARS Day is this Saturday, March 11. Take a ride in a missionary plane or helicopter. Or pile into a 4WD vehicle and enjoy our off-road course. Meet pilots, software developers, boat captains, trainers, translators, and more—people
who’ve served all over the world. To learn more, go to jaars.org/events.
At Check-IT-Out on March 17–18 discover how technology—from satellite systems to smart phone apps—makes Bible translation possible in the...

Spring pre-field aviation orientation starts Tuesday, March 7.

Orientees are preparing for service in Brazil, Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea, and Cameroon. Two orientees working with other mission aviation partners will be serving in Kenya and Alaska.

  • Pray for staff focus on the core events of pre-field orientation, and for wisdom to how to best fully communicate that with the orientees.
  • Pray for the orientees and their families. Days are long, and the work is intense.
  • Praise God for the support that is provided by many at the JAARS Center. Housing, ICC, MK Station child care, food services, the JAARS clinic, human resources, facilities management, and many others work together to make the logisitics of pre-field orientation happen.
Around the campfire
All ages are finding a passion for missions through a new adventure program. Set in the JAARS campus “village in the woods,” CrossVenture provides space and time for explorers ages 12 and up to experience simpler living by sleeping in raised open-air cabins, cooking their own food without modern conveniences, and coping with “doing without.” The week-long program invites them to “experience minimalist living conditions, unplug from the grid, and plug into God’s heartbeat,” says Tracy Tooley, director of...