Since 1948, JAARS has existed to make Bible translation and language development possible—especially in the most remote and difficult places on earth.

Much has changed since then, but our mission is fundamentally the same.

More than 600 million* people speaking roughly 5,000 languages have little-to-no Scripture in a language they can fully understand—their mother tongue, or heart language.  And when they can’t understand what they read or hear, the life transforming power of the Gospel is stopped in its tracks.

We’re here to do something about that.

If your language isn’t written down, it’s pretty certain you live in a fairly remote place. So JAARS partners with dozens of language development and Bible translation organizations around the world who are on the front lines of this foundational Great Commission work.  Our job is to provide logistical solutions in transportation, technology, media and training so they can focus on the language development, translation and literacy work that brings the Gospel to every tribe, tongue and nation.

As you might expect, global missions in the 21st century is changing rapidly.  The new model is still a work-in-process, and it’s not enough to say what we are or what we do.  So, we seek wisdom and guidance daily from our Lord and our field partners regarding what we will be and what we must do to make real outcomes--measured in transformed lives—possible.

A few things are certain:

  • Bible translation work is needed most in three major areas: Central Africa, South Asia, and Asia-Pacific
  • Our core solution platforms are vitally needed and much in demand by partners with enormous tasks and limited resources
  • Life transformation—in the form of education, economic development, community wellness, cultural preservation, and more—is a powerful side-effect of the language development and translation work that leads to the primary goal of spiritual transformation

So we press on.  And we invite you to take a look around this site—or even visit us at our campus in North Carolina—to learn more about what God is doing through JAARS to reach people he loves in the most remote and difficult places on earth.

You’ll run across specific initiatives we’re involved in, of course.  But you’ll also learn more about our partners’ goals and outcomes.  And you’ll be inspired—we hope—by stories from those whose lives have been forever transformed by an encounter with the Gospel in their own heart language.

We’d love your prayers, your advocacy, your support in any way that God speaks to you to engage with us in his mission.  He doesn’t need any of us to accomplish his plans, of course, but he chooses to work through people and he invites each of us to participate.  And so we’re dependent on friends who will pray, serve together, and give to accomplish this mission.

You can find more information throughout this site on opportunities to do just that.

Serving him together!



*See the Wycliffe Global Alliance scripture access statistics here.