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Recent Prayer Requests

It was one month ago today that pirates attacked and kidnapped six crew members from the container ship carrying the R66 helicopter for Cameroon. Praise the Lord that the crew were safely returned nearly three weeks later. 
And now the container with the helicopter is off the ship and in customs in Douala awaiting official importation.  Praise God! Though the process is expected to take one to two months, we’re praying for a month or less. The R44 helicopter now in service runs out of permission to fly this week, so there will be no helicopter...
The R66 at JAARS
Praise God for the arrival of the helicopter in port.
Pray for a quick release of the R66 from customs so it can be reassembled, test flown, and put into service early next year.
Ask God for wisdom for those making plans for when the maintenance and flight teams going from JAARS will leave for Cameroon as when they go is dependent on the machine’s release from customs.

The ship arrived offshore at Douala, Cameroon earlier in the week and has been anchored offshore waiting for its turn to dock. Praise God that this is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 16, just one day later than previously reported!

After docking, the R66 container must go through customs before it is shipped to Yaounde, where it will be reassembled. Please keep praying for the smooth delivery and importation of the aircraft. The timing of this impacts when the maintenance and flight teams going from JAARS will leave for Cameroon. Thank you for praying with us!

THANK YOU for praying with us about the situation with the Cameroon helicopter. Please don't stop!
The container ship with the helicopter arrived Sunday morning offshore Douala, the main port in Cameroon. However, the vessel isn't scheduled to dock until early Wednesday morning. Please continue to pray for the delivery and importation of the R66.
Praise the Lord for the release of the six crewmen kidnapped by pirates from the ship on October 21!
Praise the Lord for two new Scripture websites launching today -- the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of the “95 Theses," sparking the Protestant Reformation. Luther was passionate for the truth of God's Word (sola Scriptura!), and God used the printing press to get His Word into the hands of the common people. Likewise website distribution is the next technological wave for getting the Gospel message into the hands and onto the phones of people who are separated from the truth of God's Word.
Our partner organization used their new "platform" for constructing websites that allows for distribution...
  • Praise God for technology that’s allowed website team members living in Germany, the UK, North Carolina, Florida, and Michigan to work together on this project.
  • Pray for God's blessing on these two new websites (one in Roman script and another in Ajami script), that God would use them for the distribution of resources for His glory!
  • Pray that God's Word would go out in power and would reach the hearts he intends it for.
R66 in flight at JAARS
Since we shared earlier this year that our partner, SIL Cameroon needed a replacement helicopter, this project has been bathed in prayer. JAARS was asked to help solve the impending loss of this valuable service as their helicopter was scheduled to go offline this fall for months of mandatory inspection and overhaul. Without a helicopter, transporting mission staff to and from remote villages AND providing emergency medical transport to both mission staff and the...
• Pray for the safe return of the captain and senior crew members. 
• Pray for the safe delivery of the helicopter and that the container will not be delayed too long in getting to Cameroon.
• Please pray that the needed government approvals in Cameroon are secured and that the R66 can be released from the port quickly. 
• Ask God to intervene in a way so that the question of customs exoneration can be resolved and the needed paper work completed.

In 2014, generous gifts to Where Needed Most supplied recording equipment and training for media specialists in the Solomon Islands. Oliver and Johnson trained during subsequent sessions using the equipment. Now working with another partner organization, they recently traveled to Auki to record the Baegu New Testament. Will you pray for their work on this project? 

Oliver and Johnson

Ask God to provide good readers and good health for all involved in the eight-week project.

Pray for the recording equipment to work well.

Pray for good communication between all participants and partners. 

Will you pray for a team from JAARS in Germany from October 7-15? They're hosting a Refuge 139 program for missionary kids (MKs) whose parents serve and support Bible translation in a sensitive context. Twenty-five MKs will be exploring "The Potter and the Clay" with our team this week. Learn more about this unique way to minister here

Pray that the kids will feel God's love for them through the team. 

Pray for safe travels, quick recovery from jet lag, and joy for the team as we serve.

Praise God for this unique way to serve missionary families by ministering to their children through fellowship, worship, evangelism, prayer, and Bible study.


Scripture websites allow people to find, read, listen, and watch God’s Word—all in their own language. And viewers can—and do—share the content with friends. 
This week a “training the trainers” workshop is happening in Asia. Participants are learning software and skills to equip them for teaching and training others to build and launch Scripture websites. Internet access is vitally important for a workshop like this.
  • Pray for a strong internet connection for the duration of the workshop.
  • Pray for the instructors as they teach and for the attendees as they learn new skills.
  • Pray that people who access Scripture websites would be transformed by having God’s Word available to them in the language they understand best.

Teaching among the Morop people

For more than 12 years our aviation partner, YAJASI has supported the ministry of Ethnos360 missionaries Jim and Joy Elliott who work among the Morop people. Without YAJASI's help, the Elliotts say this work would not be going forward and that God’s word would not be going out to Morop people in their own language today.

This week teaching has begun after years of prep work learning the language, culture, and translating.

If all goes well, this initial teaching...

  • Pray for distractions to be non-existent during the teaching.
  • Ask God to have the ones who need to hear be present.
  • Pray for no complications in the workers' families that would cause delays.
  • Pray for eyes and ears to be open, and hearts to be changed.

Pray for God’s provision for projects that support transportation training, IT training and resources, and media resources in Africa, South Asia and Pacific Islands.