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Recent Prayer Requests

God has been faithful to send talented, committed people to do his work here at JAARS. But the task is great and we need more.

Will you pray with us?

Set an alarm for 10:02 a.m. or p.m. each day as a reminder to pray Luke 10:2: “[Jesus] told them, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’”

Thank you!

Will you pray with us at 10:02 am or pm?

It’s back to the classroom for seven pilot/mechanics serving at JAARS, in Africa, the Pacific, Southeast Asia, and South America with SIL and other aviation partners. For the next three weeks, they’re students in the Supervisor Pilot course (SPC) at the JAARS Center. The first two weeks are an in-depth focus on excellence in leadership, resource management, and other attributes essential when supervising fellow pilots or serving as instructor pilots on the field. The third week is flight time with a JAARS flight instructor.

Besides this important training, SPC brings together pilots from different fields of service to gain advice...

  • Pray for the people living in communities that are accessible because of aviation. Ask God to reveal his love and transforming power to them.
  • Ask God to provide clarity of focus for those presenting at the Supervisor Pilot course.
  • Pray for participants to have a clear understanding of the material for when they implement what they learned after returning overseas.

From today's Prayerline: The demands of JAARS Aviation training, which is fully committed to training events throughout 2017, puts a strain on staff and resources. Pray for safety and the ability for staff to prioritize. Subscribe to Prayerline here.

The first Scripture website workshop of 2017 is January 16-27 in Southeast Asia. At its conclusion, websites will be launched making God’s Word available online for minority languages spoken in several countries. Will you pray for all who are involved in this important workshop?

Pray for clear communication and understanding among workshop facilitators, hosts, and participants as they plan and prepare for the event.

Ask God to guide and inspire those working to sort out challenges with non-Roman character fonts so the words display correctly on websites created.

Pray for protection for all as they travel to and from the workshop, especially Jan. 11-15 and Jan. 28-30.

Praise God for the trainers, translators, participants, and technical support and ask for his anointing on them during the workshop, so that websites created and launched may lead many into God's Kingdom.


Pray for Jacques Akplogan (left), who is making IT consultant visits to teams supporting Bible translation projects in Central and West Africa for French-speaking nations this month.

Jacques is visiting IT teams supporting Bible translation in Central and West Africa.

Pray for safe travel, good health, success, and relationship building for the Nie family, one of our maritime teams in the South Pacific. They recently arrived in Vanuatu to train translation teams in water safety procedures.

The Nie family

For the next 10 days, four training aircraft, our instructors, and orientees will be in the mountains of North Carolina for the mountain phase of pre-field orientation training.

Instructors and orientees ready to depart for Mountain Week.
  • Pray for safety as instructors and orientees operate in a more challenging environment.
  • Pray for the experiences that each of our orientees need to help prepare them for their overseas service.
  • Remember all the spouses and family of our training staff and orientees who are 'left behind' for these 10 days. Pray for protection and provision of their needs.

God can make anything possible—and he uses people, even the most unlikely, to do so. We've seen that to be true at JAARS for 68 years.

Each year we are humbled by what God has enabled us to do, and yet we know that nearly 200 million people still don’t have the first word of Scripture in their heart language—so we recognize that even more support is needed throughout the world. So we are launching The Campaign for Possible for 2016, a campaign that seeks...

  • Pray with us for God to be glorified in every language community. Pray for his Word to reach and transform people, even in the most remote, dangerous places on earth.
  • Ask God to “send out workers into his harvest field” (Luke 10:2). Pray he will stir many people to support Bible translation through JAARS as prayer partners, advocates, financial partners, co-laborers, and advisors. 
  • Pray for God to “do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” (Ephesians 3:20). Pray for his blessing and provision for the many organizations around the world that are devoted to Bible translation. 

This week JAARS aviation training is hosting a week-long PT-6 heavy maintenance course, in which the students will perform an in-depth rebuild of the turbine engine used in the Kodiak in Papua New Guinea and the PC-6 aircraft in Indonesia. Pray for good understanding for each of the students.

Our Spiritual & Relational Vitality (SRV) team holds retreats for building spiritual and relational vitality among multi-cultural teams working in Bible translation.

From April 11-24, Stacey Wyse, Marty Barkey and Bryan Friesen will be in Papua New Guinea, facilitating an SRV retreat for the leadership teams of the Bible Translation Association (BTA) and SIL PNG.

Pray for the SRV team to hear from the Lord as they finish preparing for the retreat. 

Ask God for each of the 14 participants to have open hearts and that he would accomplish His purposes in their lives (Psalm 81:10). 

Pray for the retreat’s long term impact to make an eternal difference in the many language groups with whom BTA and SIL are doing Bible translation and Scripture Use (John 15:16).