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Recent Prayer Requests

Will you pray for a team from JAARS in Germany from October 7-15? They're hosting a Refuge 139 program for missionary kids (MKs) whose parents serve and support Bible translation in a sensitive context. Twenty-five MKs will be exploring "The Potter and the Clay" with our team this week. Learn more about this unique way to minister here

Pray that the kids will feel God's love for them through the team. 

Pray for safe travels, quick recovery from jet lag, and joy for the team as we serve.

Praise God for this unique way to serve missionary families by ministering to their children through fellowship, worship, evangelism, prayer, and Bible study.


Scripture websites allow people to find, read, listen, and watch God’s Word—all in their own language. And viewers can—and do—share the content with friends. 
This week a “training the trainers” workshop is happening in Asia. Participants are learning software and skills to equip them for teaching and training others to build and launch Scripture websites. Internet access is vitally important for a workshop like this.
  • Pray for a strong internet connection for the duration of the workshop.
  • Pray for the instructors as they teach and for the attendees as they learn new skills.
  • Pray that people who access Scripture websites would be transformed by having God’s Word available to them in the language they understand best.

Teaching among the Morop people

For more than 12 years our aviation partner, YAJASI has supported the ministry of Ethnos360 missionaries Jim and Joy Elliott who work among the Morop people. Without YAJASI's help, the Elliotts say this work would not be going forward and that God’s word would not be going out to Morop people in their own language today.

This week teaching has begun after years of prep work learning the language, culture, and translating.

If all goes well, this initial teaching...

  • Pray for distractions to be non-existent during the teaching.
  • Ask God to have the ones who need to hear be present.
  • Pray for no complications in the workers' families that would cause delays.
  • Pray for eyes and ears to be open, and hearts to be changed.

Pray for God’s provision for projects that support transportation training, IT training and resources, and media resources in Africa, South Asia and Pacific Islands.

Pray for those attending the 2017 Scripture Engagement Summit at SIL International Media Services this week on the JAARS campus. The thirty attendees from partner organizations in the United States, Americas, and Asia are meeting to discuss effective Scripture engagement strategies in multilingual communities.

Pray for participants taking pre-field training in the Intercultural Communications Course at JAARS. The four-week course runs through August 18. Thirty-four adults will be preparing to serve Bible translation in countries around the world.


Will you pray for a 10-member team from JAARS in Czech Republic from July 20-29? They're hosting a Refuge 139 program for missionary kids while their parents are in important meetings to further their work of Bible Translation and language development. Learn more about this unique way to minister here....

Learning how technology impacts Bible translation—and how they can get involved is what Check-IT-Out conference attendees will be doing for the next six days. They'll see how everything from software to satellites, solar power, tablet computers, and non-Roman scripts are helping Bible translation, talk with IT professionals who've served all over the world, and explore how they could contribute their IT skills, either short- or long-term. Learn more about the next Check-IT-Out conference here.
  • Pray for safe travel for attendees and their families coming to the conference.
  • Pray for the staff making presentations this week, and that the computers and other equipment will work well.
  • Ask God to speak to attendees as they explore technology and consider becoming involved.

For the next 10 days, our training aircraft, instructors, and orientees will be in the mountains of North Carolina for the mountain phase of pre-field orientation training. They're leaving bright and early on Monday, June 12.

  • Pray that electrical issues with the newly refurbished Cessna are resolved so the plane can depart. UPDATE: Praise God! Issues resolved and the plane took off for the mountains this morning!
  • Pray for safety as instructors and orientees operate in a more challenging environment.
  • Pray for the experiences that each of our orientees need to help prepare them for their overseas service.
  • Remember all the spouses and family of our training staff and orientees who are 'left behind' for these 10 days. Pray for protection and provision of their needs.
  • Praise God for the families in the Spruce Pine area who open their hangars, homes, and hayfields for our use as well as the local churches who support the staff during Mountain Week.

Jim McCabe and Ken Williams leave June 8 for Central African Republic (CAR) to teach the French version of our motorcycle safety and maintenance course. Their students will be 30 Central Africans who work with ACATBA, our Bible translation partner in CAR. Two week-long sessions are scheduled with 15 students in each one. Our instructors head home June 23. Watch this video to learn how the motorcycles will help ACATBA staff in their language development, translation, and literacy work....

  • Pray for safe travel, quick recovery from jet lag, and an effective course.
  • Pray for the students traveling from their villages to Bangui, the capital city, for the classes.
  • Pray for the logistics of the course and that the motorcycles arrive in good condition and ready for use.
  • Pray for the safety of the teachers, administrators and students in the CAR during the scheduled time.  
  • Ask God to bless the participants and increase their skills and confidence while riding motorcycles in challenging terrain as they accomplish Bible translation activities.