Bryan Jones will soon face challenges flying with our partner SIL in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Bryan’s role—one he has sought for years—will be to fly mission workers safely to remote areas of PNG. But there is a problem.
Many airfields Bryan will be flying into are primitive and hazardous. Only with thorough and specialized training can pilots like Bryan learn to fly and maintain aircraft so they can operate safely out of basic airstrips. This kind of training is not common—nor is it cheap. 
Fortunately, Bryan is one of six pilots/mechanics who started Pre-Field Orientation March 7 at...
In 1902 the Roviana were the first to accept Christianity in the Solomon Islands. The Roviana New Testament was completed in 1995. On May 23, they will celebrate having the entire Bible in their heart language. The arrival of the first 16 printed copies even made the national news! 
The Roviana comprise approximately 10,000 to 14,000 people; an additional 16,000 speak it as a trade language. Using Adapt It software, four translation projects could use the Roviana Bible as a text source for their own related languages. Five other surrounding languages have already used the Roviana New...
What a joy to share that a new Toyota Hilux 4WD vehicle was delivered earlier this week to BTA, our translation partner in Papua New Guinea!
New 4WD vehicle for BTA
New BTA Vehicle

With this new vehicle, translation workers and language consultants working out of BTA’s Alotau office will have safe, more reliable transportation to reach their colleagues working in isolated villages.

We praise...

We’re excited to announce that we’ve closed on the purchase of an almost new Robinson R66 turbine helicopter for service in northwest Cameroon.

The R66 will replace the existing R44 helicopter that has served in the region for eight years, flying translators and supplies to hard-to-reach locations, as well as emergency medical evacuationsThe R44 is scheduled for what could be up to a year of down time as it undergoes a mandated overhaul later in 2017.

Acquiring the R66 prevents service disruption and increases SIL Cameroon’s service capabilities. The aircraft has more power, can...

At a recent workshop in Southeast Asia, participants learned the basics of building Scripture websites in their heart language.
Pastor Myat and his team developed a Scripture distribution website for speakers of his mother tongue. He had built a website about a year ago using a well-known but hard-to-use website creation system. At this workshop, the system he learned is easier to use and simplifies maintaining the new website.
Learning to build a Scripture website
Learning to build...
Brandon Penkoff has been flying a Cessna 206 in Cameroon for the last three years. His work in support of Scripture translation, plus medical evacuations and other flights, is often harrowing. Long distances with limited options for landing, scarce and expensive fuel, dust from the Sahara desert that limits visibility, and occasionally unstable political conditions mean that “we always have to be thinking ahead,” he said.
“We rely heavily on the support of JAARS,” Brandon added. He cited aviation fuel, parts, training, technical expertise, funding for insurance, and management of aircraft registration as part of what he calls “the...
Spring arrives early in North Carolina. And at the JAARS campus, March brings some great opportunities to explore how you can be a part of Scripture translation, while enjoying our lovely weather.
JAARS Day is this Saturday, March 11. Take a ride in a missionary plane or helicopter. Or pile into a 4WD vehicle and enjoy our off-road course. Meet pilots, software developers, boat captains, trainers, translators, and more—people
who’ve served all over the world. To learn more, go to jaars.org/events.
At Check-IT-Out on March 17–18 discover how technology—from satellite systems to smart phone apps—makes Bible translation possible in the...

French-speaking African IT specialists are preparing for a training conference February 13–21 in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Pray for those traveling to participate. Pray that the conference will help advance skill levels.