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Refuge 139 organizes international trips of volunteers who travel to Wycliffe missionary conferences to provide intentional childcare through a VBS-type program designed specifically for missionary kids. Come join us as we encourage and invest in our missionary families across the globe!

Video Transcript

Text on Screen: Every year (or two), Wycliffe Missionaries across the globe attend a conference. It’s a time for spiritual refreshment and encouraging the translation of the Bible. But what will the children do during this time? That’s where Refuge 139 comes in.

Keith Franklin, Director of Refuge 139: “Refuge 139 is a program [in which] we will go and put on a VBS-style program and provide childcare during the conference. It’s not just childcare, but it’s specifically designed for missionary kids.”

Text on Screen: Countries we have served: Greece, Germany, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Cameroon, Ethiopia

Keith Franklin, Director of Refuge 139: “We need people to come either be a teacher of a class or to be a helper. But you also get a whole lot out of it for yourself because you’re doing something for the MKs. [It’s a] great opportunity to serve the missionaries and their children.” 

Text on Screen: Come serve with us! “If I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me, Your right hand will hold me fast” -Psalm 139:9-10

Here’s what some are saying about Refuge 139:

“The children and teen’s programs at past conferences have been a highlight in the lives of our MKs as they can tend to live in isolation and not have freedom to be themselves. . . ” – L.M.

“It would be very difficult to hold a conference without having the child and youth program.” – L.H.

“I have smiled and laughed more these two weeks than in the past month. . . I loved doing lots of really fun crafts and activities in class, exploring nature, and getting to know my awesome God better.” – A.H.

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