Privacy Policy

By using this site, you agree that: (1) You've read, understand, and accept our privacy policy, and (2) We can use your personal information as described below.

You can remove everything but your name from your account—anytime. Have questions? Or want to delete your account entirely? Contact us.

What We Collect

You decide what personal information, if any, to give us. We’ll use it only as outlined below—and never send you things you didn’t ask for.

  • If you're just browsing...

    We track things like your browser type, location, and what you visit on our site. But it’s all anonymous and aggregated. We can’t connect any details to you individually.

    We also use cookies, which are small pieces of data stored on your computer. These help our site remember your preferences—like your favorite content, or that you want to stay signed in to your account. Cookies can’t tell us any personal information. And you can always opt out; just change your browser’s settings.

    How We Use It
    • analyze trends, tweak our site, and improve content

    If you give...

    We’ll collect everything we need to process your gift, such as your name, address, and credit card information.

    How We Use It
    • process your gift
    • send a receipt
    • get in touch if we have questions about your gift
    • send print materials—if you request them during checkout
  • If you create an account...

    We’ll collect your name and email address.

    How We Use It
    • send your subscriptions
    • tell you about important changes or maintenance to the site

    If you share something with friends...

    We’ll collect their names and email addresses, plus any message you want us to pass along.

    How We Use It
    • send your friends a one-time email—nothing else
  • If you take a survey or enter a contest...

    We might collect things like your name, contact information, zip code, or age.

    How We Use It
    • analyze trends, tweak our site, and improve content
    • tell you if you win
    • send your prize

What We Share

Sometimes we'll share your information with our partners or other organizations, but never for advertising or marketing purposes. 

  • With Our Partners

    We might share names, contact information, or messages. Why?

    • to check our records for errors
    • to get answers to your questions
    • to pass along your message to the right person

    With Our Vendors

    We also share information (only what’s necessary!) with outside vendors—such as credit card processing companies, consultants, or spam prevention services like Mollom.

  • Rare Exceptions

    Warrants. Subpoenas. Legal processes. If the law requires it, we have to share your information. And in rare circumstances, we might share information to:

    • address site problems and maintenance
    • defend the rights, interest, or property of JAARS
    • investigate false email addresses or threatening messages
    • protect against fraud or misuse of our site and ministry
    • address emergencies that risk someone's safety

    Also, if we merge with another organization, your information might be transferred to their databases.


Believe us, it’s on our minds too. We've designed physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect any information you give us. But we can't guarantee our safeguards are impassable. If you have questions about our site’s security, contact us.

  • Encryption

    We use AES encryption (up to 256-bit, depending on what your browser supports) for all sensitive parts of the site: accounts, checkout, and contact forms. 256-bit AES encryption is a higher grade encryption than used by most banks.

    Credit Card Information

    If you give online, we don't store any credit card information except for your billing address. All sensitive information is securely sent to our payment gateway, Authorize.Net, for processing. The data is then irretrievably wiped from

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A Couple Disclaimers

  • Links to Other Websites

    Our privacy policy applies only to We often link to other websites, but we are not responsible for their content or privacy practices.

    Children Under 13

    Sorry, but you’ll need to ask a parent or legal guardian before giving us any information about yourself. Parents: To have your child's information removed from our database, just contact us.